Announcement: Big success for the Modurban Final Conference and tests in Madrid on December 16th!

Please find more information on this important, recent event on our newly updated news page!


The Modular Urban Guided Rail System project, or in short MODURBAN, is a 50% EU funded Integrated Project. It is the first of its kind on a truly European level in the area of joint, pre-competitive Research. It brings together all major rail industry suppliers and all major European rail operators. The project officially started on January 1st 2005 and will last four years.

The main target of the MODURBAN project is to design, develop and test an innovative and open common core system architecture and its key interfaces (this covers Command Control, energy saving and access subsystems), paving the way for the next generations of urban-guided public transport systems. This approach will be applied to both new lines as well as the renewal and extension of existing lines and will encourage cost effective migration from driver to driverless operation. It will also avoid the risk of new rolling stock and subsystems being built from unproven prototype sub-assemblies.

The prototypes issued from the different modules will be tested in real conditions (Metro de Madrid).

For further information on the MODURBAN development and current activities, visit the regularly updated links on this website or contact Bernard von Wullerstorff <bernard.von.wullerstorff@unife.org> at UNIFE.

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